Cheapest shares of TATA Company 2022

TATA’s cheapest share 2022

Cheapest shares of TATA Company 2022

Cheapest Share of TATA: Hello friends, how are you, people must have heard the name of TATA brand at some point or the other, it automatically creates a belief. Old investors and new investors find it very profitable to invest in all TATA companies. Even you must have heard a famous dialogue in Harshad Mehta’s web series.

Pick up any share of TATA, if not today then it will give benefit tomorrow, but about 17 shares of TATA group are listed in the Indian stock market. Among them TATA’s share is the cheapest and choosing can be a difficult task for a new investor.

So friends, you should invest your hard earned money in a good place. So that you have the least loss, today I am going to tell you through this post. Which is the cheapest share of TATA in which investment can be made.

Tata’s cheapest share 2022

Friends, before starting the article, I want to clear one thing to you. That no stock is cheap or expensive according to its price. If you want to invest in a stock only by looking at the share price, then I am of the opinion that it may prove to be your wrong decision.

According to TATA’s most shared list wise

1) Tayo Rolls Ltd

The store of this company is the cheapest share of TATA in today’s era, you will get the lion of Tayo Rolls at a price below ₹ 100. This company is a subsidiary company of TATA Steel whose headquarter is located in Jamshedpur.

Toyo Rolls is considered to be one of the largest rolls manufacturing companies in India. This company supplies its rolls to steel plants rubber textile food processing industry. The company is a small cap company with a current market cap of less than ₹100 crore. This company of tATA is a loss making company whose financials are very bad.

There is a lot of risk in this company, so you should invest wisely in this type of business.

2) Rallis India Ltd

This company of Rallis India Ltd. is a subsidiary company of TATA Chemical, at number two in the list of the cheapest share of tATA. This company is engaged in the field of Pesticides and Agro Chemicals. This company is a small cap company whose market cap is around 4000 thousand crores.

Share of Rallis India at present you will get around ₹ 210. Company’s growth and sales growth in last 5 years was decent. Company is a profit making company. Rallis India Ltd. is a very good company. Whose risk profile is also very good, as well as the company is also a virtual debt free company.
Mr. Rakesh Jhunjhunwala is invested in this company.

3) Tata Coffee Ltd

This company supplies coffee and tea related products, which is a subsidiary company of TATA Anshuman, the market cap of this company is ₹ 4000 crores.

tATA Coffee owns 19 coffee estates in South India spread over Chikmagalur Kodagu and Hassan districts of Karnataka and Valparai district of Tamil Nadu TATA Coffee is the world’s largest integrated coffee plantation company. This company deals in all product segments from production to trading and distribution. For this reason, the company maintains the quality of its products and is better able to control its production expenses.

tATA Coffee Company was established in 1922, the head quarter of this company is located in Bangalore, Mr. Harish Bhatt is the chairman of this company.

Positives: Diversified business based on business nature and geography 12.47% profit growth of company in last 3 years dept free company.

4) Tata Power Ltd

You must have heard the name of Tata’s cheapest share and Tata Power. You will get a share of this at the price of ₹ 200 to 240. TATA Power Limited is a T grade power company of TATA Group. Which works in power generation transmission power trading business. tATA Power Company is a very good company in the business of renewable energy which is famous for making EV charging stations.


This company had launched its first public charging station in August 2017 itself, at present all the charging stations are there in the country. About 53% of its share is with TATA Power Company, this company is working for charging accessories of all types of segments like

EV Public Charging
Captive Charging
home charging
workplace charging

The promoter holding of this company has increased from 33% to 46 points to reach 86%. Charging stations are expected to capture most of the market share in the coming times. Operating Margin in the last 5 years has been 27.48% Company’s sale is continuously getting good rate
Although the company has over ₹ 15,189.05 Cr. Contingent liability of Rs. Burdened with debt, you have to keep these things in mind while investing.

5) The Indian Hotels Company Ltd.

The Indian Hotels Company Limited was established in the year 1868 by Jamsetji TATA, the headquarters of this company is located in Mumbai, Maharashtra. The company’s first own hotel, The Taj Mahal Palace and Tower Mumbai, was opened in 1930.

You will get the stock of this company at a price above ₹ 250. This company works as a subsidiary company of TATA Group. This company TATA Company is the largest hospitality company in South Asia according to market capitalization.

Presently Mr. Puneet Chhatwal is the CEO of the company and Mr. N. Chandrasekaran is the Chairman of the company.

Indian Hotels Company Limited is 1st Indian Hospitality Company which provides Hotel Resort Palace Jungle Safari Spa and In Flight Catering Services Famous Taj Hotel comes under this company.

This company has more than 196 hotels with more than 20000 rooms in 80 locations in 4 continents and 12 countries. To manage all this they have more than 25000 employees.

Financial Information:

2,591.79 Cr over this company. Has a loan of
Negative sales and profit growth in the last 5 years.
Promoter holding in the company 38.19%.
Mr. Rakesh Jhunjhunwala is also an investor in the Indian Hotel Company. This company has suffered huge losses in the last financial year due to the court. But now after the opening of all the restrictions, there is a possibility of growth in the business again.

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So friends, now I have told you through this post that which is the cheapest share of TATA? 2022 and here I have told you about such 5 best companies of TATA. If you want to wish them, then which will be the best company for you, I hope you have liked my information. And if it will be helpful for you, then definitely share it on social media platforms apart from your friends. So that other people who want to invest inside TATA company can get good information about this company. If you have any question, then you can ask through the comment section below, we will answer your questions.

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