How to find private job? (how to find private jobs) 2022

How to find private job? (how to find private jobs) 2022

How to find private job? (how to find private jobs) 2022

How to find private job? (how to find private jobs) 2022 : Hello friends, all of you are very welcome in our new post today. Friends, through which post today we are going to talk about finding jobs online. Friends, if you guys also want to do private job but you have not been able to find job anywhere till now. For yourself, today’s article is going to be very amazing for you. Because the methods we are going to tell you inside today’s post. By using them, you can find a best private job for yourself, you must know that money has become a necessity of every person.

But earning money is not so easy. And which is the easiest way to earn money. He happens. Doing a job or doing a private job or if you have got a government job somewhere, then only you can lead a happy life. Why friends, that is, when you get a job, you keep getting salary every month. Due to which you continue to live well. Friends are available in many websites and mobile applications to find jobs. With the help of which you can fund a best job for yourself, then friends, let’s know about them in detail.

How to search jobs with Kormo jobs application?

Friends, this application has been created by Google. And it is created by Google. Then there is no chance of this application being fake. Friends, if you want to find a private job for yourself, then government jobs can be the best way for you. This is such an amazing application to find private jobs.

That where you people live by this. You can find a job around that, what type of job do you need. It has a separate category. For example, if you do delivery work, then you also get this work here. If you guys want shop staff job. So that too is available here. If you guys want to do IT software jobs. So its category is also available here.

How to apply for jobs through Kormo job app?

Step 1:

Friends, first of all, for whom you have to go to the Google Play Store or download the kormo jobs application from Google and install it on your phone, after downloading you have to open this application. And from whatever email account you have available, you have to create an account in it.

Step 2:

After the account is created, this application opens in front of you. Then you get to see thousands of jobs inside it. With this, you get in their category. You can apply for the job by searching the category of the job on which you want to do the job.

Step 3:

In such a situation, if you guys like a job. And if you guys want to apply for the job, then first of all you have to open that job. Then you get to see all kinds of information related to the job there. Like what should be the qualification for the job? How much salary can you get from this? Everything is told in it. If you guys want to apply for this. So you have to click on the start button below.

Step 4:

After clicking on the star button, you will have to enter your name, then you have to type on the confirm button. Then you have to enter your mobile number inside it. Then an OTP comes to your phone number. After entering it, you have to verify it. After this it may ask you for a scanned copy of your document. So you have to upload them. So in this way you can apply for jobs from here.

How to find job search on

Friends, if you people are looking for government jobs here, then will prove to be the best platform for you because it is such an amazing platform. With the help of which you can find a best job in very simple ways, not only this, you can also apply for a job within just one click, if you want to search job on, then for this We have told you the whole process below. You can follow him.

1. Friends, first of all you have to download and install the application with the help of Google Play Store.

2. Then after opening it, you have to create an account in it with whatever Gmail account is available in your mobile.

3. Then you have to enter your mobile number in it. Then an OTP is sent on it, which you have to enter and verify.

4. If you are a student then select I am a student / have a never worked.

5. After this the place where you are working or used to. So you have to select I am working / have worked before.

6.Then you have to select the education details. If you have done doctorate. So she should be selected. If you guys have done post graduate. Then select it if you have done normal graduation. So you have to select it. Then you have to click on the Next button.

7. After this if any skill is available in you. Then you can write to him. Like sales, marketing etc. Then you have to click on the Next button.

8. Then you have to put an amount on your work preferences. That’s how much salary you people can work in the whole year, after that you have to do next.

9. After that you have to upload your resume. After this your profile is created. Then you will start seeing many jobs in it, out of which you can choose one job according to your choice and apply for the job.

10Only after doing this much work, you can apply from here because friends, before that you had put the CV, resume. For this reason it automatically applies.

How to find job through Apna : Jobs App?

Friends, you will be surprised to know that apna has been considered as one of the best online job search platform in India. Because you can search your favorite job with the help of it, if you want to do whatever you want to do near your home, then you can do it easily with the help of this application, so let’s know about it well friends. take.

1. First of all you have to download and install this application after going to Google Play Store. If you want, you can also visit its official website

2. After this you open this application and you have to enter your mobile number in it. Then an OTP comes on your mobile number. Which you have to verify by putting it well.

3. After this you have to make a visiting card in your name. And it is absolutely free to make. For this you have to click on let’s get.

4. Then you have to enter your name and where you want to get the job. You have to enter the name of that city. Then you have to do next after selecting Male and Female.

5. And you guys had worked somewhere before. So you have to say yes. If you do not, then if you can click on the button of no.

6. After entering your education details, you have to click on the Next button. After this, you have to select the type of job you want to do.

7. And in the category of job, you have many more options besides delivery person, Telecaller / BPO, sales, office help. Which you can select according to you.

8. After this you have to select the photo for your profile through your mobile. If you guys put your photo in profile photo then it is even better.

9. If you people want to give your contacts, then you can give that too here. And you don’t have to. Then you guys can click on See jobs.

10. After this, many options start showing in front of you. Now what kind of job do you guys like to do? After opening it, you can apply for it from here.

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last word

Hope friends, you have liked this post of ours in which we have told you. How can you find private job or government job for yourself? If you have got to learn something new from this post, then you must share it further, due to which other people can also be helped, you take out your precious time and come to read this article of ours, thank you very much for this. Thank you.

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