How to hide your number on WhatsApp? 2022

How to hide your number on WhatsApp? easy steps of 2022

How to hide your number on WhatsApp? easy steps of 2022

How to hide your number on WhatsApp? Hello friends, how are you all, you are warmly welcome to our blog, with the help of today’s post, we can show you how to hide your number on WhatsApp. We are discussing about it, there are many people who want to hide their number on WhatsApp but they are not able to complete their work due to lack of information, if you also like a similar post. Where you can get to know about how to hide your number on WhatsApp, then friends do not worry because you have come to the right post. In this post of ours, you can get detailed information about how to hide your number on WhatsApp.

How to hide your number on whatsapp, although there are many posts related to this on the internet, which really work, now you must also want to know this. Whether you will be able to chat by hiding the number or not, then we are telling you for your information. In this trick, you can chat with anyone even after hiding your number, in this truck you can easily hide your number in chat or any group and can also chat without number.

Although friends, you must be feeling a bit strange to hear this because this method works, through this you can talk to your friend or any group in a private way. And no one can see your original number, this way you can also avoid unknown calls and messages.

how to hide your number on whatsapp

The method we are going to tell you is very popular, in such a way that most of the same people use it, who only have to do WhatsApp chatting and they do not want anyone to call them from that number. So friends, if you use it, then no human being can make a call as per your wish. Why are we doing this, this post will give you complete information, so friends, let’s know in detail about how to hide the number on WhatsApp.

How to hide your number on WhatsApp?

In this method, you will have to take the help of an application, with the help of the application you will be given an international number, which you have to verify while installing WhatsApp. For verification, you have to select the option of call me. So where will you get this International Mobile Number and we are telling you further about how to do all this.

1) For this, first you have to go to the Google Play Store available in your mobile, after reaching there, you have to search by writing an application named Prime or Tax. And after searching you have to install it when you have installed it.

2) So you will be asked to sign up in it, it is very easy to sign up, first you have to sign up with your email id and your mobile number and after that.

3) If you have signed up then after signing up you have to submit your mobile number by writing it here. And immediately after this, an OTP of 6 numbers is sent to you, after writing which your mobile number will be easily verified.

4) And immediately after that you have to verify your email id, then you have to click on add email address and write the same email id. Which is not signed in your mobile number and after that when you enter the email id.

5) Then a mail is sent to your email ID, after opening it, you have to click on the clear option and verify your email ID.

Fm WhatsApp version 9.5

6) After clicking on the left side of the Primo application, the number will appear below which you have to use in WhatsApp, now you have to install a new WhatsApp, here you have to login your WhatsApp by the number given to you. Is.

7) To verify the number in WhatsApp, you will be shown the option of call me, you have to click on it and after that a call comes in the mobile. In which you are also told the verification code, you have to write it in WhatsApp and after that your WhatsApp account is ready.

In this way you can create WhatsApp account without any phone number and after creating you can use it in a very easy way, you can use duplicate number in place of your original number and run your WhatsApp. If you see the same number in WhatsApp as you are PrimoIt is given in the application, in this way you can hide the original number very easily.

As we have already told you that to hide your original number in WhatsApp, you will have to take the help of the application. The application which we have told you above in this post and with the help of that application you are given some numbers. In which you are called for the verification code and through this you can hide your original number.

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With the help of this post, we have told you how you can hide the original number of your WhatsApp so that no one bothers you by calling or messaging. If you have followed our steps correctly, then you have been given a mobile number from which your original number is hidden and your WhatsApp account remains active.

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