How to invest in share market? 2022

How to invest in share market? 2022

How to invest in share market? the new way of 2022

How to Invest in share market? Hello friends how are you all of you are welcome on our website, today in this post we will introduce you to a new information as you all know. We bring a new information in front of you every day, so that you can learn new information after reading our post, so friends today again we have brought a new information in front of you. In which you will be told about how to invest in Share Market, there are many people who keep asking how to invest in Share Market. Have to invest in the share market because wanted to know why that person is getting attracted towards the share market, what is the reason for this.

Because there are many people who keep looking at others that buy shares from them and double or triple their money in 1 year. You must also tell in the comment why you have to invest in the stock market, if you are thinking of becoming a millionaire overnight or if you have any such hope, then you come to the stock market, this market is not for you. People often hear that if your money is doubled, then mine will also be there, then you are thinking wrong, no one gives these things to someone’s money in how many days or years. Only if he gives, his money has doubled, that’s why you should not do anything without experience. You should invest in the share market only after having all the information.

Yes friends, it is true that you can become a millionaire overnight through the share market. Money can double and 100 times but to become rich in this market the biggest thing is you must have time.

How to invest in share market?

Almost everyone thinks that the stock market is a money printing machine and people listen to the dialogues of the Scan 1992 web series. Some other market can quench the thirst of money of the whole country, although this thing is considered absolutely right, but let us understand why this thing is considered right.

The purchasing power of money (₹) decreases slowly, think for yourself, what is being given to you 5 years ago for ₹ 100. Can you not get the same thing today for ₹ 100, because that thing increases its price. The price of everything keeps on increasing and decreasing day by day, so it is called inflation.

How to Invest in Share Market?

If you are thinking that if you save money, then money comes to its value, then your target should be that the rate of inflation increases. You have to increase your money at a rate higher than that and it will not be possible by saving, inflation in India is increasing at the rate of 6-8%. So if you invest your money in FD then your money is not able to beat inflation.

If you want to waste living in a place where you can get more than 10% return then there is nothing better than mutual fund and share market for this. Yes friends, to invest money or to get 10% more returns, there can be no better thing than Share Market and Mutual Fund.

What is Share Market?

So friends, we would not like to tell for your information, Share Market is a market where shares, bonds and candidates are bought and sold, there are primary two stock exchanges in India.

NSE (National Stock Exchange)
BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange)

You cannot buy shares directly from the stock exchange, for this you have to open your demat account and trading account. In today’s present time, both the accounts can be opened online simultaneously, my demat account has been opened UP stock, if you want, you can also open it.

How to invest in share market?

First of all, if you want to invest in the share market, then you should determine in what ways you want to invest in the share market. I am going to tell you some important steps by which investing in the stock market can be done.

stocks/share – Friends, you should invest in the stock of a direct company only when you have time to analyze the stock when you invest in the stock. Then you should know to beat at least the index fund in the stock, only then it will make you a good investment.

Index Fund – simply means of index fund
With Nifty and Sensex, you can invest your money in India’s top 50 company i.e. Nifty Index, in the last 10 years, on an average, Nifty has given a return of 15%.

Mutual Funds – Well friends, index funds are an important powder of mutual funds, but in index funds, no one is going to manage the fund. And they have fund managers managing each and every fund in the liquid fund.

How much money should we invest?

Now this question must be coming in your mind that how much money you should invest in share market which you are not using within 5 years. You should invest in the stock market with the same amount of money, no one knows how the stock market will perform in the short run, but the market will go up in the long run.

The money that you want to invest, you have to save that money for 5 years, always keep the emergency fund in it, keep the money in the bank for at least 1 year’s expenses. And keeping all these things in mind the fees of your child, you should invest.

You must have been surprised by one thing, in America, the children of class V and the best CA were asked to choose the stock. The CA selected from the stock after doing all the technical analysis fundamental analysis and the child also selected from the stock. 

After seeing the return of this tax only after six months, it came to know that more returns have been given in the children’s steps, now let me tell you why this happened, this happened because. Because the kids selected the same stokes that they used to like Disney Cococola and many more.

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last word

Friends, hope you have liked this post of ours, today in this post we have told you how to invest in share market and how we should invest in share market. And why should you invest in Share Market, we have given you the answer of all these questions in this post today. Hope you liked this post of ours.

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