How to lock and unlock sim card? 2022

How to lock and unlock sim card? 2022

How to lock and unlock sim card? Best information of 2022

How to lock and unlock sim card? Best information of 2022 : Friends, all of you must be aware that most of us all use pattern lock, finger lock and face lock, password lock inside our smartphone today in our phone. We use all these to increase the security of our phone. Mainly bank details and social media details are all things inside our smartphones. So to keep them secure, that is, phone lock is used. Because of which no person can access our information without our permission.

Friends, there is one more important lock than all these. Because it is available in my phone only. But not everyone uses it. Understand that 100% of me 5% of the people will be using what I am talking about. It is called SIM lock. If you haven’t figured it out yet. How to lock and unlock sim? So today you have come to the right place because in which post today we are going to discuss a topic. So read today’s post till the end.

What is SIM card lock?

Friends, there are many people available mainly inside our smartphone. But what is the most important lock. People call it SIM card. And very few people use it. Because SIM Card lock is a type of lock. With the help of which we increase the security of our phone to a great extent. And you get to see this feature inside every mobile.

With the help of this you can lock your sim. He cannot open the SIM unless the other person knows his password. And can’t even use it wrongly. If someone enters the SIM password incorrectly 10 times. So the SIM card is completely blocked forever. So you don’t have to make this mistake at all. Just the ways we are going to tell you. You have to follow them.

What are the benefits of locking the SIM card?

• Suppose if your mobile is lost somewhere. And you have used Sim Card lock inside it. Then that person enters that password to unlock that SIM. Only after that he will be able to use that SIM otherwise he cannot misuse your SIM.

• If you use everyone, then no one can remove the information of any social media account.

• No matter who the person is, can not forget the password of any of your social media accounts. No matter how hard he tries.

• In this case if someone tries to unlock your SIM. And he misplaces the people of the War Sim more than 10 times. Then your sim gets locked completely.

• If you guys use SIM card then you will never have any kind of data loss problem and your data will be safe in every way.

Know how to lock sim card? step by step

Step 1: Friends, first of all you have to go to the settings of your smart phone. And there you get a security option. You have to click on it.

Step 2: After this you have to click on the option of other security setting. If you guys want to set the password inside this sim, then you have to click on the button of sim card lock.

Step 3: Now to lock the SIM card, you get an enable button on the right side. You have to press on it.

Step 4: After this, you have to enter the SIM to lock, friends, the SIM company gives you by creating a pen by default. For this you can also check by entering 1234 or 0000. So in this way you guys can apply sim card lock.

How to change sim card pin?

Friends, if you guys want to set the pin according to you. Because of which no other person can find out about your sim password, then for this you have to click on the change sim card pin. So first you have to put the default pin here. Which you get through Sim company. He has to put it. After entering, you can set a new PIN as per your wish. So friends, in this way your sim gets locked very well.

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How to unlock SIM card?

Friends, sometimes this happens too. That you have to unlock your sim. So you guys can do that work very easily. You just have to do the same setting as before, which was done while locking your SIM. So let’s know the process for that.

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1. To unlock friends sim, first you have to go to the settings of your smart phone.

2. After this you have to click on the option of other security settings again.

3. After this you have to go to the option with sim card lock.

4. Then after doing so much work, you have to click on sim card lock.

5. After this, you have to put in that place which you had entered while locking the SIM.

6. As soon as you put the PIN inside it, then your SIM gets unlocked.

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last word

So friends, through this post, we have told you. How can you guys lock or unlock your SIM card inside your smartphone? If you liked this information, then you can share it further. Thank you for reading this post of ours from beginning to end. Please like this article if you like it. Please comment below if you have any questions related this post and any post of our website.

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