How to make birthday certificate online from mobile

How to make birthday certificate online from mobile? 2022

How to make birthday certificate online from mobile? 2022

How to make birthday certificate online How to apply from mobile sitting at home: Friends, welcome to this post of ours, today we are going to talk about birth certificate in this post. You are thinking of getting your Birthday Certificate made and to get Birthday Certificate you have to go to any shop in the market and if you want you to sit at home and apply online for Birth Certificate through your mobile. can do. So friends, it is absolutely possible that you can do this easily but it is very important for you to have a little knowledge about it if you do not have much knowledge about it. And if you are busy looking for information, then you have come to the right place, with the help of this post of ours, you can get a birthday certificate made.

The Government of India has made it necessary for all the citizens of the country to make their birth certificate because it is a government document. Which tells the information of your birth and place of birth, in such a situation, the government has also instructed the hospitals that the birth certificate of the child born should be got done by their parents within 21 days, in this article we will discuss. How to make Birthday Certificate.

Friends, you people must know that in today’s time, how much Aadhar card is important, just as Aadhar card is important for us. Equally important is the Birthday Certificate for us, if you have to go anywhere and you have to prove your age by going there. So there you need your work certificate like you have to get admission somewhere. So the organization also asks for a birth certificate from you, in such a situation, you should get your child’s birthday certificate made here in time.

Online Application for Birthday Certificate

However, in today’s era, whenever a child is born, shortly after his birth, his Birthday Certificate is also prepared by making it. In such a situation, the problem of birth certificate is rarely seen, but in many cases people’s birthday certificates can be lost. In such a situation, they need a new certificate and this is such a certificate which may be needed at any time, in such a situation you must keep it made like this.

If you read this article of ours properly and enjoy it, then this article is going to be very beneficial for you. That’s why you must read the article till it comes, friends, without wasting time let’s start the article as soon as possible.

How to make Birthday Certificate?

The official portal of the civil registration system for citizens of any state of our country is With the help of the website, you can apply for Online Birthday Certificate by sitting at home. This certificate remains in all government and non-government organizations, if you are also thinking of getting a birthday certificate made. And are interested to know about the process of making Birthday Certificate, then we are telling you some steps which you have to follow?

1) To apply for Birthday Certificate Online, you have to login to the Central Government website. For Birthday Certificate, you have to first be issued by the Central Government. You have to login to the official website of Birth and Death Registration which we have just told you above. When you open it, you will get the option of login and sign up if you do not already have an account. So you have to make your account ready by clicking on the sign up option in it.

2) Whatever information is asked from you on signing up, you have to enter correctly such as username, mobile number, email address, date of Occurence Of Event, to go to the section. There you have to fill your district, state, sub district, village, registration unit etc. correctly. And after that you have to enter the captcha code and click on the registered option.

How to make Birthday Certificate online from mobile sitting at home?

3) After doing all this correctly, you have to go to your next page, you will get your user id and password. You have to login by going to the user login option through user id and password and after that a new page opens on your screen. In this page, you have to click on the option of berth.

4) When you reach the next page, there you will see a registration form, in this forum you have to fill all your information. Such as the name of the applicant, state, district, place of birth, hospital, name of your address related information, all this you have to fill in that forum.

After entering all the personal information, you have to complete all your necessary documents and fee related process. After paying the fee, you have to click on the button with music, now you get your birth certificate registration number.

5) With the help of the registration number which is given to you, you can get your birthday certificate to go to your birth certificate. From time to time, you keep getting information about the application form through email id, if you want, you can also check its status by visiting the official website. So this was the complete process of applying Birthday Certificate Online.

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