Sharechat app se paise kaise kamae. 2022

Sharechat app se paise kaise kamae. 2022

Sharechat app se paise kaise kamae. 2022

Sharechat app se paise kaise kamae : Hello guise, how are you all, you are wholeheartedly welcome to our blog, in today’s post we are going to tell you about the share chat application, yes friends, if you also share chat use the application. And you are thinking about earning money through this but you are not well aware about it and you have reached this blog of ours for the purpose of getting information. So we will give you information about earning money from share chat application within a very short time, before that we would like to tell you some important information about share chat application, if you want to know, then follow this post from right to start. Have to follow till the end.

Friends, you must be thinking that in which way we can earn money using share chat application, then friends there are many such people in today’s time. Those who earn a lot of money by using sharechat application. Then the question will come in your mind that how can we earn by using this application.

Today we will provide you complete information about how to earn money from share chat as you all know that sharechat is a type of video uploading platform. Here you can upload any kind of video and make yourself a famous man, apart from this you can also earn money by taking the help of NH if you do not know about earning money. So we are telling you in this information, we request you to follow this post of ours properly.

What is sharechat?

Now we would like to tell you about what is the share chat application for your information, so friends, this is a kind of video uploading application, here you can upload videos on any topic related in different ways. Through this application, you can share video songs and photos and many other things, this application was prepared by some students living in Kanpur. In 2015, it was published in the Google Play Store, today this app has been downloaded by more than 100 million people in total.

Through this application, you can also share some of your talents or memories, apart from this, you get many types of features inside this application, through which you do not have to spend any money here. Overall, it is a very fun application and it is also very easy to use.

How to download Sharechat app?

If you want to download such an application properly, then for this you have to go to the Google Play Store available in your mobile. After reaching the Google Play Store, you will see a search box at the top, by clicking on which you have to search by typing share chat. When you search, share chat application will come up at the top from where you can easily download it.


How to create account in sharechat app?

Now you have to open this application, after opening you will be asked your name here and many more things will be asked. For example, by entering the mobile number, date of birth, gender and mobile number, you have to verify it, after which your account is created and ready.
How to earn money from sharechat app?

1) Money from share chat champion program

Sharechat can also earn money through champion program, you can earn money by joining its champion program, you do not have to do much to join champion program. For this, first of all you have to upload yourself by making 3 videos here, the video should be yours and the voice should also be yours and the face should also be yours. Only then can you join this program, after that your video should come at number three for 3 weeks, on the basis of this, the people of the share chat team determine how much money you can be given for this. And in order to pay, the team also takes into account how many likes on your video and those people are sharing it.

2) Earn money from Refer

If you really want to earn money by using share chat application then for this you should keep referring this application with other friends. In return, you are given a commission here as on today’s date and the more you refer this application. If any person downloads this application through your referral link, then you are given money here as a commission.

When you share this application with other two friends and that friend download this application through the link you refer. So in return you are given a scratch card, when you scratch that scratch card, then you can be given a reward of up to ₹ 100000 here.

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3) Earn money by sharing apps on social media

Yes friends, if you share the share chat application on the social media platform, then there are ways through which you can earn money. We would like to inform for your information when any of your friends or any of your relatives share. If you watch the video or image, then in return you get money here.


Friends, hope you liked this post of ours, if you like this post of ours, then do not forget to share it with your friends. So that if you friends also use share chat application, then you will definitely be able to earn money through it.

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