Top 10 Online Teaching Application 2022

Top 10 Online Teaching Application 2022

Top 10 Online Teaching Application in Hindi | 2022

Top 10 Online Teaching Application : Hello Guys How are you all, you are wholeheartedly welcome to our blog, in today’s post we are giving you information about Top 10 Online Teaching Application in Hindi as you all. We know that in today’s time every person is connected to the InternetIs.In such a situation, people like to work online the most, whether they want to work in any field, in earlier times, we had to go far away to any educational institution or school or college to study.

This used to make a big difference in our time management, but now it is not like this at all, now people do not have to run too much to get education because in today’s time the Internet has done a lot of technology. This is a very big boon for internet technology students, that is why in this article we will give you detailed information about Top 10 Online Teaching Application.

If you study online then it saves you a lot of time and whatever information we have to get. We can easily get through our mobile or laptop or computer while sitting at home. In this article, you are going to mention about Top 10 Online Teaching Application which is going to be very useful for the students, so let’s move forward friends.

Top 10 Online Teaching Application 2022

1) Nearpod

This app is designed for all the students, so that they are able to easily provide multimedia lessons to the students, this allows the students to download this application. And get the information given by your teacher, through this application, students do not face any kind of problem. And students can revise any subject whenever they want, this is absolutely free application, you can get it absolutely free from here, there is no charge of a single rupee and if you download this application want. So you will find this application on play store and you can download it by going there.

Website :-

2) Viper

Now talking about this application, it comes second in our list, this application proves to be suitable for teachers, it is a legal Windows application. It has such a designed layout, with the help of which it becomes much easier for teachers to impart knowledge to their students. This application is most famous for making the student understand the syntax related errors of grammar in a better way.

3) Attendance

Now, if we talk about this application coming at number three, then its name is Attendance, this application is very effective for teachers. With the help of this application, teachers can make a list of attendance of students in their various classes and can monitor the activities of students through this app. If someone makes any kind of mistake inside the class then it can be easily detected through this application. With the help of this application, information about Top Ten Online Teaching Application in Hindi, the style of study of students can be found out, who is in how much water and who is learning how much.

4) TooNoisy

Now talking about this application, the main task of this application is to detect the noise in the environment, this app is a very strange application for the teacher, but at some places it is also very useful. Through this application, you can also detect the noise in the class room, use this application in the iPhone or Android phone given in the class. Under this application, when the noise becomes too much, a special type of sound is emitted from it, it detects the noise in that area, due to this application, the behavior done through students is made aware Is. The most important thing about this application is that when there is noise in the classroom or a particular area, you can find out with the help of this application.

Website :-

5) Thinglink

Now we have brought this application in our list, its name is ThingLink, if you want to download this application, then you will find this application on Google Play Store. From there you can download this application. The main job of this application is to make the mind of the students attentive when any one attends the class in the school. So the student’s attention goes to wander here and there, then in such a situation, with the help of Thinglink application, his attention is focused through this application.

Teachers get to see many types of features in it, if a teacher gives you knowledge about a topic, then he also explains by drawing many types of pictures in it. This makes it much easier for the student to understand and the students do not fill the bore.

Top 10 Online Teaching Application

6) AnswerGarden

With the help of this application, teachers can give any answer to the question asked in their area in one word or in short sentences. In this, many students can be asked the same type of question, out of which if all the answers come in the same type, then it starts appearing in capital letters on the display or screen. With the help of this application, it provides a platform for brainstorming answers to questions asked in a group of students.

7) Poll Everywhere

Now talking about this application, this application has been prepared mainly for the students, through this mobile application any chapter can give their feedback in any browser or in poll everywhere. Due to this application, poll everywhere is such a service provided to the students, so that any student can reply to the vote through your written message. Paul Everywhere clicks on a lot of multiple choice and ranking graphs which are eligible images or create a few questions that include many of the world’s syntax and alphabets.

Website :-

8) Slido

With the help of this application any student can get the code of a guest event and address their question through regular browser or with help. And in this the questions asked by all the students are shown on the screen and whichever of these questions is interesting. It is removed from the top and answered by the presenter.

9) Blurb

Now talk about this application, with the help of this application, teachers also get help in asking for photos along with tax. Which use champions of different types of books such as cookbooks, children’s books, portfolios, and many more. Where are the letters? Books are kept in digital form, be it purchased in paper bags or as magazines. Goes.

10) Book Creator

Admittedly, this is a tool, this tool is very useful for all those students, regardless of age, who want to make books. Because it provides permission to all those students, regardless of age, if he is interested or interested in making an e-book, then he can write an e-book here like having a photo in the book, having a tax, any audio to be, or to be a video file, even having images taken by him. In this application, you can convey all the information to the people through e-book.

last word

Hope you have liked this post of ours, today with the help of this post we have told you about such Top 10 Online Teaching Application through which you can study while sitting at home. And if you want, you can teach any student through our mentioned application, if you like this post of ours, then you can share this post of ours with other friends.

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