What is apk file and how to install in mobile? 2022

What is apk file and how to install in mobile? 2022

What is apk file and how to install in mobile? 2022

What is apk file and how to install in mobile : Hello friends how are you all welcome to our blog if you also have an android device. So you must have heard about your APK file when you want to hear what it is and how it works. In this guide, you will be told all the information about APK file. And how you can download apk files and finally how to install them will also be told to you.

So friends, if you keep downloading APK file from Google Play Store, then it directly installs the applications in your mobile. And if you want to install the application outside the Google Play Store, then it is found in your APK file. Then this question must have come in your mind. What is an APK file and how does it work, then friends, if you have any such question going on in your mind. So do not worry because in this article you will be told in very detail about the complete information.

What is apk file ? 2022

The Android package kit is an important variant of the package file format used through the Android operating system for mobile application distribution and installation. Because of the way in which we install any software in the window, in this way we use the access file to install any software in the window. In the same way, APK file is used to install any application in Android also.

When to install APK file?

Now if you are thinking that we have to install less apk file, then friends, we will also tell you about this, but many times we want to download our favorite application. And we do not get it on Google Play Store, but after searching a lot, that application will give us in the form of apk file on the internet and we have to install that application manually in our mobile. Or if you say that if you get an application from your friend, then you can also find it in the APK file itself.

And apart from this, if you have updated any application and you do not like that updated version, then you can use the old version again. And if you want to use then you have to install apk file of old version.

How to Install Apk File from Computer?

Now friends, we would like to tell for your information, how to install Android package kit file from computer, you find many websites on the internet to download apk file. But many of these websites let you install the virus in your mobile along with the APK file. Due to which your Android phone can be very badly damaged. Or it happens.

That is why you should download the APK from any trusted side and it is very important for you to have complete knowledge about that side. If you have the information, then you download that apk file, without the knowledge you do not have to download any apk file. You will have to be very careful to download or install any application from outside the Play Store.

Although friends, we would like to tell for your information that Android package kit Mirror is a website from where you can safely download APK file of your choice for mobile phone absolutely free of cost. To download the APK file and before committing, you must read the reviews and comments of its users and see them carefully.

So friends, first of all you have to search online any Android package kit file of your choice and after that download it on your desktop. Before installing the APK, you must check whether the third party application is allowed to be installed in your mobile or not. For this, you have to reach the setting option by reaching the menu option and after that go to the security option and go to Unknown Sources. And you have to check by right clicking here, by doing this you can install third party applications in your mobile.

Note: If you want, you can also install the application through the file manager application.

Once you have the APK file downloaded on the computer, then you have to connect your mobile to your computer via USB cable. Now after this you have to copy the APK file from your PC to any folder on the Android smartphone.

And now you go to the file folder of your device and search for the folder in which you have copied the APK file and click on it to install. You have installed your application from the Congregation, now you can use it in your smartphone as well.

How to Install APK File in your Android Mobile Phone?

Now you can easily install any APK file from the browser of your Android smartphone or tablet, all you have to do is open your browser. And there you have to search for the APK file that you want to download and tab on it. Once it is downloaded, you can also install it by clicking on it.

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