What is Facebook Libra Coin?

What is Facebook Libra Coin?

What is Facebook Libra Coin?

What is Facebook Libra Coin? : Hello friends, once again a wholehearted welcome to the article of our website. Today we are back again with interesting and useful information for you. If you guys are always connected with us, then even today you will definitely get to learn something new through this post. That’s why you have to stay connected with us till the end, otherwise the topic about which we are telling you. You did not understand very well about that, so this is my request to you.

So friends, today’s topic is going to be Facebook Libra Coin, maybe you people have not heard about it. But you must know very well about Facebook that it has done because in today’s era all people use Android mobile phones. So they know about many applications, which application is used for what work.

What is Facebook?

Friends, if we talk about Facebook, then it is a social media platform which comes at number one. And it is also very popular among the people and because of its different features and characteristics, it attracts people towards it. That’s why people like to use it too.

You can also watch short videos inside Facebook, although most people used to share their photos in earlier times. And used to make friends but this is not only a platform of entertainment, you can also earn money through it. Facebook ads are a way through which you can earn money by placing ads on your videos.

You also get facilities within Facebook to make video calls with your friends or relatives. As far as Facebook is proving useful for us, it can also prove to be harmful for us. Because our personal data is hacked by Facebook. Because of which it would be better if you keep your real identity hidden as far as possible.

What is Facebook Libra Coin?

Whenever news spreads in the market about Facebook Libra Coin. Then every person is curious to know about Facebook Libra Coin. Who is Facebook Libra and how to use it?

Because Facebook is such a social networking site that every other person uses in today’s era. And its popularity is so high that every single information related to Facebook keeps coming in the market and becomes viral.

Recently, Facebook has brought out news about Facebook Libra Coin, after which people want to know what is Facebook Libra Coin? If you guys also want to know then you are reading the right post. Because today we will tell you about Facebook Libra Coin through this post.

About Facebook Libra Coin

Friends, Facebook Libra Coin is a cryptocurrency like all crypto currency. The same type of detail currency is there, digitize it because in today’s era the craze of crypto currency among people has increased a lot. Prior to this, many crypto currencies like BitCoin Lite had made a splash in the market. And now a cryptocurrency has also been launched by Facebook, the largest social networking company in the world, named Libra Coin.

Libra Coin is built on blockchain technology like all other cryptocurrencies. This is such a currency that you can use it just like Bitcoin.
What is libra blockchain?

Libra Blockchain A different type of code has been done for Libra Coin, you can also call it Block Chain. And not because it has been coding in a different way for Libra Coin. Which makes it quite secure and fast. The Libra blockchain is much stronger than the rest of the other bitcoin blockchains.

Who created the Facebook Libra Coin?

Facebook Libra Coin has been created by Morgan Weller and individuals named David Markus and Kevin Wyle. When Facebook Libra was created, it was named GlobalCoin and then Facebook Coin but later its name was changed. After which people started knowing it by the name of Libra Coin.

How to buy Libra Coin?

You can buy libra coin just like any other crypto currency, for this, where do you buy bitcoin lite. From there you can do Libra, who can also buy Libra in exchange for your Bitcoin or Lite Coin or any other type of crypto currency.

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What is the difference between libra coin and bitcoin?

There is no difference between Libra Coin and Bitcoin as both are digital currency. And both the crypto currency is also Libra Coin and Bitcoin, only one difference can be found. That which is Bitcoin is the currency of the whole world.

Which has the highest value in the market today, while Libra Coin has come in recent times, it is a cryptocurrency. Whose market value is a little less but Libra has been created by a big social network company like Facebook. And there are many technical changes in it, it can prove to be good according to your investment to earn profits.

Benefits of Facebook Libra Coin

Libra Coin has been created by a big social network company like Facebook. And many types of technical changes have also been made in it because Libra Coin has recently been launched in the market. So if you invest in Libra Coin for the time being, then you will get a lot of profit going forward.

Whereas if you invest in Bitcoin or any other crypto currency. So your cost of investment for you will increase while your cost of investment in Libra Coin will be less. And you will be likely to get higher returns in future.

Disadvantages of Facebook Libra Coin

Friends, it is not necessary that Bitcoin Lite should get more popularity among people like Libra like these crypto currency. Because many times it happens that due to big companies, a lot of things come out in the trend and then it fails.

For example, Google made Google Plus a social network platform by looking at other social media networks. Which had to be closed in the future.

So Libra Coin can be a lossy deal but if you want to earn money for now. Then this can prove to be a good option for you.

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What is Libra Coin so this post ends with us and it was an exciting piece of information. If you guys like it then please share it with your friends on social media platforms. If you want to ask any other question related to my scooty, then you can ask through the comment section below. We will try our best to help you. Thank you.

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