What is Mobile Insurance? 2022

What is Mobile Insurance? 2022

What is mobile insurance? 2022

What is Mobile Insurance: Hello friends, how are you once again very much welcome in the article of our website. Once again we have appeared in this post with very interesting and useful information for you. If you people want to get any information about Insurance. So my website provides all kinds of information related to Insurance, so in such a situation you people have to know about any type of Insurance. So always keep visiting my website.

As all of you must know that in today’s era, all the people have an Android mobile phone of 10 to ₹ 15000. And after buying a person’s mobile phone, if it is lost or stolen, then he gets a big shock and becomes disappointed. That my 10000 will run like this, neither I have a mobile phone nor do I see any hope. If I get my mobile, then in such a situation you do not need to panic at all.

What is Mobile Insurance?

Because when the pocket becomes empty, then the common man does not see any ray of hope to buy such an expensive mobile again. That is why it is very important for every person to get mobile insurance. And this type of problem related to lost mobile phone can be emerged

Mobile Insurance provides coverage to your mobile phone if it is lost or stolen. That’s why today in this post we tell you what is Mobile Insurance and how can we do Mobile Insurance. Will provide detailed information about it, so stay connected with me till the end.

Benefits of Mobile Insurance

So far we have come to know what is Mobile Insurance? Next, we will know what are the benefits we get after getting Mobile Insurance.

  • If you buy Mobile Insurance then its big advantage is that if your Mobile Phone is stolen somewhere or is lost somewhere. So the Mobile Insurance Company provides you coverage through you. With which you can buy a new mobile again.
  • If your mobile in any way water it falls in a lot of liquids. So Mobile Insurance gives you coverage for this as well.
  • Mobile Insurance provides protection in case of any problem of your mobile’s screen, charging point, headphone jack or any other type of problem.

What does mobile insurance cover?

Insurance protects the mobile from damage in many ways.
Mobile insurance provides the following covers

• Provides cover against theft of Android Mobile.
• Ticks the broken mobile screen.
• Covers damage to camera speaker including repair or replacement.
• If the company does not fix it, then you will get a free product.
• You also get a free extended warranty in addition to the insurance plan.

Mobile Insurance Claim Process

Mobile insurance claim process can be of different types in different companies. But the basic method is the same which is given below.

With the help of mobile number or other customer care, you can inform the insurance company about any kind of loss or damage to the mobile.

To file a claim, the costumes have to be submitted online or by visiting the nearest office of the insurance company by filling a form. In case of theft or dacoity, it is mandatory to register an FIR in the nearest police station of the spot. And you should have a carbon copy of it.

In case of fire in any person’s house or damage to mobile phone, f.i.r. in all insurance companies. Or a copy of the police report has to be submitted. For any kind of assistance related to the policy or claim process, you can contact the worker of the insurance company. Or you can directly contact the branch office by visiting the online facility provided by the insurance company.

Which companies offer mobile insurance?

Sync Scan: Synonyms Company prevents any kind of damage to your mobile device. So insurance provides protection to protect it.

Times Global Insurance: Times Global Insurance Company Christ Damage Skin Damage Phone Theft, Damaged Mobile, Display Camera Problem Covers for any kind of damage in the sky You also get No Claim Bonus.

one Assist: This company is also a one stop shop way which provides insurance protection to your mobile.

OnsiteGo: OnsiteGo Company protects your mobile when the company’s guarantee of your mobile expires. Physical or liquid damages are also covered in OnsiteGo Company’s plan.

appsDaily: This company provides anti-theft protection for mobile phones through apps.


What are the exceptions to Mobile Insurance?

Any kind of problem comes in your mobile phone in which insurance companies do not report. So this exception is called the following are some exceptions given below:

Such loss of mobile about which the insured does not tell for sure Deliberate attempt to damage the mobile. If the mobile phone is used abnormally.
After visiting the website of an insurance company, you can take help from them by calling the helpline number. Which will help a lot in buying mobile insurance.

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So friends, today through this post I have provided you complete information. Under which I have told you what is mobile insurance? And which is the company with mobile insurance? Apart from this, I have told you about some other main points in detail, so I hope. You must have found this post of mine very useful, if this is the case, then definitely share it with your family, neighbors and relatives. If you have an account on social media, do share there too. In the same way, keep visiting our website to get new information, that’s all for today, we will meet again in the next post. Thank you.

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